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Spange Elite

Working space(RPM) :

450-900 RPM

Working space

X : 340 mm 

Y : 300, 350, 400,

450, 500, free size

Color or sizes 1 color

(can make various colors)

2mm, 3mm, 4mm

Electricity : Single Phase 220v (50~60hz)

Machine size : (W) 593 / (D) 600 /

(H) 300 (mm)

Machine weight : 20kg

One touch change the Press unit

Users  can change the press unit by one touch.

And the installation of the materials is very convenient.

Users can make the design using various colors or sizes.

Spangle Elite Cartridge

The cassette type spangle tape; exclusive use for plot spangle machine

Users can check the spangle tape through the surface of cassette. Spangle cassettes can be quickly and conveniently changed.

Compact size and spacious working area

The X size is fixed (340 or 500 mm). But, users can adjust to Y size as 300, 350, 400, 450, free size. can work a design of large size and can work a repeat of a small size design.

Convenient operation by the computer

The machine can be operated more conveniently by using a computer to operate. Users can check the progress of the work by a computer screen.

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