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Rhinestone Machine (Combi)

Working Area :

400-330 mm

Max working speed :

200 spm (Stone per minute)

Color or sizes 2 colors or sizes

2mm(SS6) ~ 5mm (SS20)

Memory Capacity :

64,000 Dots / 30 Designs

Different colors or sizes

*1 Machine : 2

*2 Machines : 4 

Electricity : Single Phase

110/220v (50~60hz)

Machine size : (W) 685 / (D) 590 /

(H) 390 (mm)

Machine weight : 50kg

Is possible to link more than 2 machine

COMBI has 2 holders included, which may have different color and size making one design, but This machine can work linked each other, adding more colors and sizes to the design.

Fast and accurate work

The operation of equipment is electronically controlled, stable and accurate, making possible the high speed of the nozzles.

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